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Nano technology as a lifestyle

In 2010 Nanoshine Ltd introduced Ceramic Pro: a series of products for the automotive, aviation and marine markets suitable for surfaces such as paint, glass, alloy, fabric, leather, plastic and rubber. What makes Ceramic Pro different is the cutting edge technology based on nanoceramic molecular compounds. The formula is globally patented and it took ten years of research and testing to get the product to where it is today.

Ceramic Pro is not a protective paint or a wax. It is a nano-ceramic coating which forms a permanent adhesion to the paint and can only be removed by abrasion. No chemicals can dissolve the coating. This coating offers various properties such as:


UV resistance


Scratch resistance


Oxidation resistance



Once Ceramic Pro Light is applied, your vehicle’s maintenance will be easier. It will stay cleaner and be much easier to clean.

Dust and dirt will no longer be able to attach themselves to it. It leaves a beautiful shiny surface once the product is applied. Ceramic Pro Light reinforces the original varnish.

Its hydrophobic properties give it a self-cleaning effect and a remarkable shine.

  • – Durability up to 24 months
  • – Super Hydrophobic Effect
  • – UV and high temperature resistance
  • – High gloss effect
  • – Anti-graffiti
  • – Chemical resistance
  • – Resistant to corrosion and oxidation


Ceramic Pro 9H is a permanent protective coating based on nano-ceramic. Its transparent structure is an excellent protection against micro scratches, graffiti, dirt, premature aging, bad weather, road salt, stone impacts, bird droppings, tree sap and even acid rain. . It also protects against UV, oxidation, corrosion and chemical resistance as well as thermal resistance not exceeding 750 ° C.

A surface that has been treated with Ceramic Pro 9H stays clean for a longer period of time due to its smoothness and hydrophobic quality. Ceramic Pro 9H is permanent and can only be removed by abrasion. The unique formulation of 9H allows multiple coats to be applied which will give each coat extra hardness. The product can also be applied to matt paints and allows easy cleaning and maintenance while keeping the original matt appearance.


Permanent coating


Duration : 5 years and +


Protection against impacts and scratches (9H)


Excellent chemical resistance


Thermal resistance up to 750C°


Corrosion and oxidation resistance


Easy maintenance and cleaning on matt coatings

Ceramic Pro Rain


Rain is the solution for your car windshields, motorcycle visors, helmets etc. The treatment makes the surface extremely hydrophobic, which allows water to slide with the wind.

It will no longer be necessary to use the windshield wipers in the rain and visibility will be improved. In winter, the frost is pushed back and you will be able to get rid of it more easily!

  • – Effect up to 12 months
  • – 110 ° hydrophobic effect
  • – UV and high temperature resistance
  • – Improves visibility
  • – Reduces the adhesion of frost


Ceramic Pro Textile reduces absorption of the surface. When the liquid comes into contact with the treatment, it forms a drop in suspension and will simply slide on the surface without penetrating the fibers. This activates the materials and protects against water and dirt without affecting the material.

Effect up to 12 months – Repels liquids and dirt – Makes cleaning easier – Lets you breathe


Ceramic Pro Plastic is suitable for both interior and exterior. Surfaces covered with Ceramic Pro Plastic will give a hydrophobic effect and will better resist aging thanks to its UV protection. The product works on both old and new materials.

Effect up to 12 months – Restores color to the material – UV resistance


Ceramic Pro Leather has a hydrophobic effect. Spilled liquids will bead up on surfaces and be easily cleaned.

UV protection prevents the leather from aging.


Restores color and protects


Effect up to 12 months


Waterproofs the surface


UV resistance


The new formula specially developed for rims and brake calipers makes cleaning easier and offers extra protection. The invisible coating helps repel water and dirt. Its excellent temperature resistance allows long-lasting efficiency! Also valid for chrome rims.

Effect up to 12 months – Protects against brake dust and carbon – Does not affect the material – Excellent resistance to acids and heat


Nanoshine Ltd offers a complete line of coatings that will meet all your demands. Our treatments can be applied as much to wood, facades, tiles, glass etc …

Contact us for more information.

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