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In case of accident, Bruno SA advises you and even takes the necessary steps with Swiss or foreign insurance companies. We work with all major insurance companies.

Do not hesitate to ask for advice in case of accident or for any simple information.

Some insurance companies offer discounts on deductibles (franchises) if you go to their delegated repairers, we are pleased to inform you that we do the same discount on the franchise.


We can also advise you if you would like to either modify your insurance policy, or if you would like to change insurance company. We would be glad to use our experience, to help you, free of charge, into your paperwork with your insurance company or with that of the opposing party.

For paintings repairs of vehicle, we use hydrodiluable-base products of Cromax (formerly known as Dupont).

These products comply with the European Directive on VOC, the famous directive concerning “Volatile Organic Compounds”, which are the source of pollution phenomena.

As a certified workshop for the program of Cromax lifetime warranty, we guarantee the quality of the painting repair with giving you a lifetime warranty.

This is the commitment we make to you with our lifetime warranty program that offers you a 30 years warranty on repairs carried out with CROMAX products.

To assess the best matching color, we use a spectrophotometer called ChromaVision. This device helps us quickly and effectively identify the best matching color for your vehicle, whether for solid colors, metallic or pearl colors.

We are also able to perform paintings on various types of substrates such as plastic, aluminum, wood, fiberglass, etc… Do not hesitate to contact us, whatever your request might be.


As a modern auto body repair shop, we utilize the last generation tools and use systems and technologies adapted to each case. You will get advanced, modern, economical and environmentally friendly technologies. All vehicles repaired by us are vacuumed and washed for free of charge. You can count on minimum immobilization of your vehicle because of accurate and swift repair services.

In case of repair you get a free technical expectation of your vehicle with the program Audatex. We offer cost effective solutions and quality work. We take care of formalities with insurance companies and provide you for free a replacement car (courtesy car) for the duration of the repair.


The main activity of the auto body repair shop Bruno SA is focused on body repair after a collision.  However, we also manage cases of attempted theft (broken glass, forced lock), or if you would like to make any transformation of your vehicle.


Our tools allow us to work both the sheet metal and aluminum. We also have sandblaster, for stripping various parts (such as wheels, mechanical parts, rust, etc…)

In case of damage due to hail and parking damage (strokes on car door), we are expert in so-called the alternative techniques to repair the body without touching the paint, which reduces repair costs and keep the original color of the vehicle.

Carrosserie BRUNO SA is at your disposal to prepare your vehicle for the expertise(authorities technical inspectations) :


Setting and/or polishing headlights


In case of rust damage


To wash the chassis / engine

We repair or replace your car windshield. This is essential for your safety, both as an active and passive risk. Do not trust any chemical composite. Only professional trained in the latest techniques will know the rules of this art.


The cost of replacement is covered by your insurance under the broken glass article (partial cover – according to the contract terms).


All types of windows: car, truck,… Guarantee of a high quality of the original glass – Professional Support. – Replacement vehicle on request. – Cleaning vehicle and broken glass.

NB: The Federation of Romands Carrossiers (FCR) has decided to launch an awareness campaign on safety to highlight the risks involved when replacing windshields are made under conditions that are not optimal (the work must be done in covered and warm area!).


Some working methods used by some repairmen do not respect the safety instructions of the manufacturers, and may lead to serious consequences for the safety of the driver and passengers.

Tinted windows.

We also offer installation of solar protection film for your car (side and rear windows) with various shades of black to choose from.

The solar film protects from UV rays and prying eyes and also broken glass in case of breakageThe work is of course guaranteed against takeoff or other defects.

Our solution for repairing minor damages is called Flash System.

Flash System is an effective and productive solution that can repair minor as small bumps and scratches without repainting the entire panel damage. This is a service that allows us to offer small repairs at competitive prices – An essential service in a highly competitive economy.


  • – Only the damaged part is repaired.
  • – So reduction of working time.
  • – Short duration of vehicle immobilization.
  • – Very attractive price.
  • – Customer satisfaction.

Do you need a chassis-engine cleaning to present your vehicle to the inspection ? Chassis-engine washing is important, it allows a desalting and prevent against corrosion and rust.

We do chassis-engine cleaning with or without appointment from 7h30 to 12h00 and from 13h30 to 17h30.

Rates on site: From Sfr. 100.-

We offer attractive rental rates for vehicles for a wide range of vehicles. Ask us an offer!
Possibility of long-term parking on site!

NBIn case of repair in our workshop, renting a vehicle is free for you!

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